About :

Pratima Foundation Trust has been made in the memory of great Teacher, Educationist, Philanthropist, Philosopher, Writer and Poet Pratima Parhi for the advancement and enrichment in the field of Art, Craft, Culture, Alternative Education, Literature, Science and Health to be shared with broader creative community.

In short, it will work for learners across age. As an educationist and a teacher of alternative education for 35 years, she has done extraordinary work for children, teachers, students, parents, common people and educators. Many stories, plays, songs, quotations, life lesson diaries, learning materials, research articles and documents she wrote. All those works will reach you in the form of books, learning kits, podcasts and videos.

Above all, as a simple, loving, courageous, caring human being and an all time giver, she always wanted everyone to be happy. We will try our best to bring that little happiness into your life.

Hope you will be with us always. Let's walk this journey together in search of Bliss, Joy, Free progress learning/life.