Foundation Approval :

We are proud to inform you that Pratima Foundation Trust holds 12A and 80G approvals, ensuring that your contribution is eligible for tax benefits.

Donate :

Pratima Foundation is created for the advancement and enrichment in the field of Art, Craft, Culture, Alternative Education, Literature, Science and Health to be shared with broader creative community.

Projects :
1. Pratima Parivar
Under this initiativie traditional rural artist/artisan/craftsman family in need will be taken care of.
2. Pratima Research Grant
This grant is for those young researchers and practitioners in the field of art, craft, culture and alternative education, who love to discover unexplored areas and intend to create space for dialogue between theory and practice; offer new readings/frameworks; and use interdisciplinary approaches to create new conceptual ground.
3. Pratima Puraskaar
This award (Token Amount) will be given every year to the people who excelled in their respective field to encourage them as a symbol of respect for their dedication in work. The awards are; Pratima Sikshya Puraskaar for the field of Alternative Education. Pratima Sahitya Puraskaar for the field of Literature. Pratima Kala Puraskaar for the field of Art.
4. Making and Distribution of Learning Material for underprivileged children
The aim of this initiative is to make learning joyful for those who are unable to pay for it.
5. Life skill training to empower rural women
The aim of this initiative is to make their life sustainable and contribute to their family to avail basic need like food, cloth, home and children education.
6. Publication
This initiative aims at publishing qualitative Children Book as well as Parenting guide book in regional language as we know these books are really rare.
7. Art Therapy Workshop
Through this workshop we try to help socially backward children especially girl child and women to overcome social, mental and sexual trauma.
8. Free Counseling for Student & Parents
This aims at making a bridge between children and parents to understand each other in such a way that parents will be able to identify the strength of their child and will help in pursuing it.
9. Workshop for Parent, Children, Teacher, Student
Under this a varieties of workshop will be done in different geographical area, for people from different social background to solve their concerned problem.
10. Physical, Mental and financial help to Socially and Economically backward Children
This aims to solve any problem faced by Socially and Economically backward Children.
11. Environment Awareness programme
Community project will be done to solve particular environment problem of different geographical area.
12. Community Library
Mobile Library will be made in different villages of Odisha to make book available for each child, adult and old age people.

If you are interested in any of the project mentioned above or in one researcher/artist family, you can donate with a purpose too. Otherwise you can donate any amount to the Foundation. No amount is small for a greater cause. Apart from all these if you are interested to be a Member of our Foundation, you can choose to donate 2000/- per year too. We need your help to go ahead. Be there with us.

Our idea of Donation is AMAYC ( As Much As You Can).

Account Details :

Account Number- 5433648012
IFSC Code- CBIN0283087
Bank Name- Central Bank of India
Branch Name- BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar